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Aluminium windows have evolved over the past few years, defining themselves as a contemporary and cutting-edge home improvement solution. Slim in appearance, our aluminium windows allow you to enjoy leading standards of performance and design without having to invest in a bulky and unsightly frame.

Operating as the preferred material of architects for its longevity, performance and aesthetics, aluminium windows are sure to the ideal addition to any home. Our expert team will be able to tailor your windows to suit your home, no matter it’s style, age or size. We make it easy for you to enjoy the best that the industry has to offer.

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Contemporary, Slim Appearance for Homes in Oxfordshire

Due to the impressive, inherent strength of aluminium, these windows can be manufactured with notably slim frames. Not only does this allow for a trim and crisp appearance, it also reduces sightlines for increased views and enhanced natural light allowance. This means that you’ll be able to install a new addition to your home the brings a bright and spacious feel.

Impressive Aluminium Windows Security

Aluminium windows uphold outstanding security, combining function and form to achieve home security in a sleek and stylish way. All of the aluminium windows that we offer have been independently tested by BSI, ensuring they offer a consistent and accredited standard of security for your home. Enjoy peace of mind, today.

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Exceptional Quality

The aluminium windows that we offer are independently tested for their performance, audited twice a year by British Standards to ISO 9001:2008. They undergo a meticulous testing process that assesses their weather performance and security levels.

When this standard is combined with the high degree of installation quality that we offer, you’ll be able to enjoy leading designs in a stress-free and simple way. We always work to ensure your home improvement experience is one to be enjoyed.

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Lasting Colour

All of the aluminium windows that we offer are finished with a powder-coated layer that gives a highly durable an attractive appearance, our windows are accompanied with a 25 year paint guarantee for your peace of mind year after year. Don’t settle for less.

This guarantee protects them from rusting, peeling, fading or discolouring when exposed to the elements for a lasting aesthetic. With this premium design, you’ll be able to enjoy a rich and full appearance for a longer period of time. Enjoy the best for longer.

Highly Versatile

Thermally Efficient

To bypass the inefficiency of outdated aluminium designs, our aluminium windows are fitted with a high performance polyamide bridge which works to trap in pockets of warm air. This means that the windows that we offer can achieve an ‘A’ WER.

Increased heat retention not only helps you to enjoy a more comfortable living area, you could also find yourself enjoying lower heating costs as a result. As the warmth from your central heating will stay in your home for a longer, you’ll have to use it less.

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