Bi-Fold Doors Abingdon

Bi-Fold Doors, Abingdon

Outstanding bi-fold doors for modern and traditional homes throughout Abingdon. High quality, competitively priced.

Bi-Fold Doors Abingdon

Here at Oxford Bifolds, there’s an incredible selection of bi-fold doors on offer, including stunning uPVC and aluminium designs with a range of stylish configurations to perfectly suit your home.

Our bi-fold doors are precision-engineered to improve the quality of life of homeowners, as they provide wide, uniquely glazed openings and closings, which means your home will seamlessly blend in with the outdoors and allow natural light to flood into your home.


Thermally Efficient

Our bi-fold doors feature a modern, intelligent design that enables them to trap in pockets of warm air to help you maintain a warmer home, even throughout the coldest months.

This also allows you to see a reduction in your heating bills, requiring you to use less of your central heating throughout the year. These doors offer value even after they are installed.


Highly Secure

Our bi-fold doors offer impressive security for your home in Abingdon, as they incorporate the inherent strength of aluminium, which combines with a high-performance, multi-point lock.

These bi-fold doors are expertly designed to ensure maximum security protection for your home. Our double glazed doors are high-performance, offering more.


Stunning Aesthetics

Our premium collection of bi-fold doors achieves exceptional aesthetics, with a high-quality profile providing an attractive, high performance addition to your home.

These designs offer an incredibly low maintenance option, ensuring your bi-fold doors remain looking their best over time, with minimal maintenance required.

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Sustainable Bi-Fold Doors

Here at Oxford Bifolds, we utilise the most environmentally-friendly solutions for our doors. This is achieved by using incredibly sustainable aluminium and 100% recyclable uPVC.

We offer highly durable doors, using one of the most sustainable and robust materials available, aluminium. We use high-grade aluminium to enhance performance.

Our high-quality aluminium and uPVC bi-fold doors are the perfect replacement or new build installation for homes requiring the resilient strength and durable performance that high-grade provides.

Our expert team are able to accommodate a wide variety of property types, meaning you are sure to find the perfect door design for your home. Our doors offer a timeless way to enhance your property.

 Cutting Edge Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Oxford Bifolds offer market-leading designs for double glazed doors, with an exceptional collection of patio and bi-fold doors available in Abingdon for all property styles.

Our outstanding doors illuminate your home with an intelligent design, offering slim sightlines and expanded glazing areas for enhanced natural light allowance.

We offer beautiful aluminium double glazed doors such as sliding patio doors and innovative bi-fold doors which transform the appearance of a property as well as their performance.

You can tailor your bi-fold doors to meet your preferences, with a wide assortment of colour textures to finish off the design. We offer authentic woodgrain foils to emulate the style of timber.

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Bi-Fold Doors Prices Abingdon

High Performance Bi-Fold Doors

Here at Oxford Bifolds, we pride ourselves on high-quality doors, which offer the latest innovative performance in the industry. Our doors demonstrate this perfectly.

Using an easy-glide track and stainless steel wheels, our aluminium doors provide smooth performance, allowing you to easily open and close your doors even after extensive use.

We provide options of sash door configurations from 2 to 8, allowing you to implement our high-quality doors no matter what size space you have at your Abingdon home.

High Performance Double Glazed Doors

Our aluminium doors utilise the inherent strength of aluminium to provide highly secure functionality and performance. They are sure to be a fantastic addition to your home.

These doors provide a seamless transition from basic double glazed doors to incredible versatile new ones, opening up your home to the outdoors for increased ventilation and spaciousness.

Our doors offer a practical option to achieve enhanced views and increased natural light allowance. Our high-quality doors are highly cost effective and will even increase your home’s value.

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Bi-Fold Doors Prices Abingdon

Our online quoting engine will enable you to get a free, instant and highly competitive bi-fold door quote.

You can also speak to us directly by using our online contact page, where a member our team will be happy to help.